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Asylum seekers in New York City hold a peaceful protest

Madrid Spain 01/02/23 Asylum seekers in New York City are camping outside a hotel where they previously lived. They were evicted and sent to a warehouse facility in inhumane conditions. The asylum seekers are peacefully protesting this displacement by the city of New York. Many of the asylum seekers traveled

update on war between Ukraine and Russia

Madrid Spain 01/02/23 The United States is preparing to send more military support to Ukraine. The 2 billion dollar package includes rockets that can travel 150km. These weapons will have the ability to cross into Russia and reach new battlegrounds. The recent military package from the United States will also

update on war between Russia and Ukraine

Madrid Spain 31/01/23 Ukraine is seeking continued support from the United States, France, Germany, the UK, and Poland with military aid. This call comes when Ukraine has already received tanks, jets, and military training from other countries. President Zelenskyy is asking for more support as he expects Russia to seek

Bombing in Pakistan kills 92 people

Madrid Spain 31/01/23 In Peshawar, Pakistan, a recent suicide bomb blast has taken the lives of 92 people and injured 52 at a mosque. The devastation of the attack is even more disgraceful as it took place at a place of worship. The majority of the victims were police officials.

new incident of police brutality in the United States

Madrid Spain 30/01/23 Police brutality in the United States has not stopped, and the country got a reminder this past week when a young black 29-year-old man was beaten to death by five police officers. The young man, Tyre Nichols, died in Memphis, Tennessee, leaving behind a 4-year-old son and

Violence is escalating between Palestine and Israel

Madrid, Spain 30/01/23 Following the latest attacks by Israel on the Jenin refugee camp killing Palestinian civilians there has been an extreme rise in violence. While Israeli officials claim the raid on the refugee camp came to find a Palestinian terrorist, the raid took many innocent lives including an elderly

More violence escalates after Israeli forces attack the West Bank

Madrid Spain 27/01/23 More violence has erupted in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Israel recently raided a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, killing 9 people including an elderly woman. The civilian deaths have enraged the Palestinian people who have called for action and intervention from international and

update on war between Russia and Ukraine

Madrid Spain 26/01/23 One person has been killed and two were wounded in Kyiv as Russia launched more than a dozen missiles, says the capital’s mayor. The wave of Russian attacks across Ukraine also damaged the energy infrastructure in the southern cities. More tanks from the United States, Germany, and

Refugee camps in Palestine are under constant attack

Madrid Spain 26/01/2023 Constant raids have occurred in refugee camps in the West Bank, killing 8 civilians, including an elderly woman. Israelis claim that the raids are to find terrorists who are reported to be hiding in the camps. The raids have cost the lives of innocent people, including children.

The people of Haiti are living under horrific conditions of violence.

Madrid Spain 25/01/23 Stories of sexual violence are becoming more and more common in Haiti as the country exists in a taste of political turmoil. The capital of Port au Prince is under gang control and civilians are being subjected to dehumanizing torture. There is little to no protection provided.