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Monday, March 11, 2024, Mali | Numerous individuals in Mali took part in a march to advocate for the advancement of Global Peace 2030.

During the march in the capital city of Bamako, participants were observed carrying various slogans, such as “Put an end to war, Mali stands for Global Peace 2030” and “Eliminate ethnic, religious, and political violence,” among others.

The march included a diverse group of local activists, students, women, and men of all ages who shared a common aspiration for lasting peace in the Republic of Mali, with the objective of putting an end to all forms of violence and conflict throughout the country and expressed their unwavering support for Mr. Sappan KC’s Global Peace 2030 agenda and emphasized that achieving peace in Mali is attainable with Mr. KC’s leadership.

As an activist for “GLOBAL PEACE 2030,” Mr. KC urges the Malian government, all parties involved, and conflicting groups to unite under the Global Peace 2030 agenda and work towards establishing a peaceful nation. The people of Mali yearn for peace and development in their country. The government, all parties, and regional actors must promptly engage in the peace process and resolve their demands through dialogue rather than resorting to armed conflict.

The “GLOBAL PEACE 2030” project, spearheaded by Mr. Sappan KC, aims to achieve global peace by 2030. Mr. KC endeavors to engage political leaders, ethnic, religious, and political figures, dissidents, armed groups, and international organizations worldwide to sign the “GLOBAL PEACE 2030” agreement.

Peace rallies are being organized in numerous countries across the globe to show support for Mr. Sappan KC’s “GLOBAL PEACE 2030” agenda.