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Turn your passion for justice and peace into a donation for those in need. Donate today!

This is a time of urgent need and humanitarian crisis. Our organization will take care of getting your help to where it is needed!

Why do we need donations?

Premature death due to lack of proper medical care , extreme low rates of life expectancy, human losses from preventable and curable diseases due to extreme poverty , lack of access to basic health care , lack of transportation in rural and remote areas, they are endemic problems in Third World countries . The forces of the global economy continue to exacerbate the disparity in access to wealth and health and they demand urgent solutions and our foundation takes action towards the following objectives:

Nuestra fundación se enfoca en los siguientes objetivos:

  • To guarantee health as a inalienable social right.
  • Improve quality of life and life expectancy in rural communities of the Third World countries creating health centers for hospital and ambulatory health care.
  • Help with vaccination, medication and healing material
  • Prevent epidemics , viruses and other communicable diseases providing information to the population about hygiene, health and feeding conditions.
  • Develop a prophylactic orientation and appropriate application of scientific and technical advances

Health and peace are closely linked. One cannot have one without the other. Although health and peace are desirable conditions, we human beings often thwart our best intentions to achieve and maintain them. War has profound impacts on human health. In addition to direct consequences, including the fact that 90% of all deaths related to recent wars were among civilians, war has several indirect consequences, including long-term physical and psychological adverse health effects, damage to the social fabric and infrastructure of society, displacement of people, damage to the environment, drainage of human, financial, and other resources away from public health and other socially productive activities, and fostering of a culture of violence. Many public health issues can be both a consequence and a cause of war, including infectious diseases, mental health disorders, vulnerability of population groups, disparities in health status within and among countries, and weakening of human rights. We, health professionals, can promote peace in many ways and facilitate this work by demonstrating our values, vision, and leadership.


Donations are the best way of showing solidarity and your collaboration is vital for us.

Every single gesture counts. Thank you for making it posible.

You can collaborate by making your donations via bank transfer to the account “Fundación Europe Peace” has at the Santander.

IBAN: ES48 0075 0451 90 0600415492
BIC/CODI SWIFT: POPUESMM (Essential to make donations from outside Spain).

Remember to put your name and ID in the subject field of the transfer in order to comply with the law “Prevención de Blanqueo de Capitales.”

If you are interested in making an in-kind donation please contact us at –help@europefoundation.org