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Friday, March 8, 2024. The Europe Peace Foundation (EPF) joins the manifestation of International Women’s Day 2024. Today it is important to remember the efforts of millions of women to achieve greater social rights and the shaping of a fairer society. However, despite the advances, it is also urgent to recognize the many objectives that still need to be conquered.

Our societies face a historical debt with women. Gender violence must be eradicated; wage parity must be achieved; and it is time for women to govern and direct equally in our diverse societies. Fortunately, every day more men and more women become aware of their own power or vulnerability and every day half of our planet participates more actively in this change.

In this sense, the EPF wants to take the opportunity of this important day to call attention to the difficult situation of women in conflict zones and in third world countries. Beyond religious or cultural differences, for the conquest of women’s rights and freedom, it is fundamental to have access to quality education and health.

In recent years women have been facing not only the galloping dangers of gender violence but also the alarming economic vulnerability that global neoliberalism has generated. Unemployment, low wages, pensions of poverty and poverty have reached unbearable levels.

The EPF reiterates its commitment to improving the lives of women around the world. We want to give special emphasis to those places that need the most help and where we want to concentrate our objectives: Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Yemen, Somalia and Syria etc. The health and well-being of women are key aspects to build fairer and happier societies.


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