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The Europe Peace Foundation strives to spread a vision of peace focused on universal human rights. The EPF mobilizes resources to strengthen dialogue and mediation between parties, provides education and strategies to individuals and groups on conflict-resolution and peace management, and promotes stability and development to ensure conflict is resolved through feasible alternatives.

The EPF collaborates with local organizations and activists by supporting them with tools to prevent and intervene in violent conflicts, instructing relevant parties with mediation techniques, professional negotiation and effective practices to strengthen participatory democracy and civil rights.

Dialogue and Mediation

The EPF encourages open dialogue with all members of a community as a necessary step for addressing conflict through non-violence and fostering peaceful coexistence. Our professional staff and partners work with participatory methods focused on eliciting transparency and accuracy in different perspectives and grievances and mediating through negotiation and law. Europe Peace Foundation works with different levels of conflict and actors yet always maintains a focus on universal human rights and equality.

The EFP is committed to empowering civil society and activists with advocacy tools and serving as an interface for dialogue involving local organizations and governments or corporations. Dialogue that examines differences, exchanges information and looks for alternatives can have a significant effect on the impact of mediation and agreements.

Conflict-Resolution and Peace Management

The Europe Peace Foundation advises parties on cooperative strategies to resolve conflict and enhance the role and responsibility of civil society in transiting away from conflict towards peace. The EPF facilitates to each and all parties involved in conflict and dispute the use of mediation tools, training and consultation services designed to expand negotiations geared towards conciliation and cooperation. Through assistance and training to individuals and groups, mediated communication can result in agreed-upon steps to immediately reduce violence while steadily advancing civil society bonds and strengthening of the rule of law.

The EFP assists individuals and groups in their training to carry out a transparent and open mediation process, reach consensus when possible, and define measures of accountability to set change in motion. At the same time, EFP works with international observers and governments to regulate disputes and provide professional services and counsel to grass roots organizations fighting for the defense of human rights and to secure that the proposed outcomes of mediated conflict-resolution are inclusive and democratic.

Stability and Development

Once agreements have been reached in efforts to resolve conflicts, a phase of accountability and monitoring by third parties is necessary to ensure parties subscribe to and uphold their commitments. The EPF can monitor post-conflict steps and accords by securing legal accountability and, when necessary, the presence of on the ground observers and peace-keeping missions. Continued monitoring and follow-ups pressure parties to adhere to negotiations and consequences. Through advocacy and diplomatic channels, the EPF continues its appeal to governments and organizations to commit to the eradication of human rights violations and other abuses.

Development and investment that directly improves the lives of people and strengthen public services that benefit all members of a community can create lasting bonds amongst previously hostile groups and create alternatives to unequal distribution of resources and violence.

Election Monitoring

As a neutral third-party and non-partisan mediator, the Europe Peace Foundation is well positioned to monitor electoral processes, including the dissemination of information to all sectors of society and geographical extension, setting up of voting stations accessible to all voters, monitoring voting process and vote counts, and confirming results based on the accuracy and transparency of all steps involved.