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MADRID Wednesday September 14th 2023

The Rohingya people are a stateless ethnic Muslim group who reside mostly in Myanmar living under persecution. However, since the 2017 genocide over 700,000 people fled to neighboring Bangladesh to escape military violence, murder, rape, and destruction. Today there are nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the largest refugee settlement in the world. 

The remaining Rohingya people still in Myanmar are not protected as citizens with lawful and human rights. Asylum seekers and refugees in Bangladesh have no official status, denying them education, employment, and medical care. 

The refugee crisis of the Rohingya people has also forced many to other neighboring countries like India, Thailand, and Nepal.  The conditions of the camps are beyond livable. Refugees and asylum seekers are at constant risk of violence. Within this crisis, half a million are children and many of these children are born in the camps.

Humanitarian relief is the main source of support and survival for the Rohingya refugees. The decades-long conflict has led to a growing mental health crisis and traumatic stress disorders that unless addressed will continue to pass on through various generations. 

The religious and ethnic persecution of the Rohingya people must come to an end. Their rights must be respected. Without the pursuit of dialogue among religions there can be no effective source of peace. To find a sustainable solution the international community, governments and activists must focus on mitigating peace. 

The protection and rights of asylum seekers and refugees must be stabilized. The dehumanization of people like the Rohingya can only end with an increase in humanitarian relief and an increase in support. The mass violence, abuse, and murder must cease or there will be no end to the displacement of people.

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