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Madrid Spain


The Europe Peace Foundation stands firmly in solidarity with the courageous activists who are fighting to protect their land, resources, and the rights of indigenous communities around the world. We express our deep sadness and concern regarding the recent events targeting Indigenous activists, particularly the attempted assassination of Lúcio Tembé, a prominent Indigenous leader from the northern Pará state in Brazil.

Such acts of violence against activists who strive to defend their ancestral lands and preserve the environment are deeply troubling. We strongly condemn any form of aggression, intimidation, or harm directed at indigenous communities and their leaders. These acts not only infringe upon their fundamental rights but also hinder efforts to address the interconnected challenges of climate change, land degradation, and humanitarian crises.

The Europe Peace Foundation reiterates that the impacts of climate change and the contamination of land are intrinsically linked to humanitarian crises. Indigenous communities, with their intimate connection to the land and traditional knowledge, play a vital role in environmental conservation and sustainable resource management. It is crucial that their voices and rights are respected, protected, and actively included in decision-making processes concerning land use and resource extraction.

Regarding the incident in Brazil, we call upon the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the attack on Lúcio Tembé. It is imperative that those responsible for this heinous act are brought to justice, and comprehensive measures are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of indigenous communities.

The Europe Peace Foundation urges governments, corporations, and civil society organizations to uphold the principles of social and environmental justice, respecting the rights of indigenous communities and working collaboratively towards sustainable and equitable solutions. We emphasize the importance of transparent and accountable practices in industries such as palm oil, where conflicts with indigenous communities and environmental degradation have been observed.

In our collective efforts to address the challenges of climate change and protect human rights, the Europe Peace Foundation will continue to support and advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples, working towards a more just, peaceful, and sustainable future for all.