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The Europe Peace Foundation condemns the escalating violence between Russia and Ukraine, which has caused significant harm to both nations and threatens regional stability. We stand firmly against the constant cycle of aggression and urge an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of life and destruction.

The recent missile attack on Kyiv, following Russia’s largest ever drone assault on the Ukrainian capital, is deeply troubling. The repeated attacks, including the overnight assault and the targeting of military infrastructure and supplies, exacerbate an already volatile situation. The imminent Ukrainian counteroffensive, aimed at reclaiming territory lost during the full-scale invasion by Russia 15 months ago, has further heightened tensions.

As an organization dedicated to promoting peace and resolving conflicts through dialogue, we believe that violence only begets more violence. We call upon all parties involved to exercise restraint, prioritize diplomacy over military action, and engage in meaningful negotiations to achieve a lasting and peaceful resolution.

It is disheartening to witness the blame game and accusations exchanged between the two sides. The series of raids inside Russia, allegedly targeting military, energy, and transport infrastructure, have complicated the situation further, with Moscow accusing Kyiv of these attacks. It is essential that investigations are conducted thoroughly and transparently to establish the truth and avoid further escalation.

The Europe Peace Foundation firmly believes that sustainable peace can only be achieved through dialogue, understanding, and respect for the sovereignty of nations. We urge the international community to actively support diplomatic initiatives and facilitate a constructive dialogue between Russia and Ukraine. The involvement of external actors, such as the reported supply of weapons, including drones, must be addressed through diplomatic channels to prevent further exacerbation of the conflict.

We extend our solidarity to the people of Ukraine and Russia, who bear the brunt of this violence, and call for the protection of civilian lives and infrastructure. The Europe Peace Foundation remains committed to supporting efforts that promote peace, reconciliation, and stability in the region.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that all stakeholders work together towards a peaceful resolution, putting an end to the cycle of violence and paving the way for a future of coexistence, understanding, and cooperation.