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The Europe Peace Foundation expresses deep concern over the recent escalation of violence in Palestine and the resulting casualties. We are encouraged by the agreement of a ceasefire between the Israeli Army and Palestinian Jihad, which is an important step towards reducing the immediate hostilities and protecting the lives of both Palestinians and Israelis.

We condemn any act of violence that leads to the loss of innocent lives and injuries, regardless of the side it originates from. The recent rocket attacks launched by Palestinian militants from occupied Gaza, as well as the reported violation of a previous ceasefire by Israel, are distressing and hinder the prospects for lasting peace in the region.

Furthermore, the Europe Peace Foundation recognizes the significance of international leaders taking a stronger stance in acknowledging the historical context surrounding the formation of Israel, including the Nakba, which resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. It is essential to address these historical injustices and work toward a just and equitable resolution.

The ongoing illegal occupation and its impact on the lives of Palestinians are matters of grave concern. It is imperative to protect the rights and lives of Palestinians, as well as Israelis, in order to establish sustainable peace. Achieving a permanent ceasefire is a crucial objective that must be pursued with determination and sincerity by all parties involved.

The Europe Peace Foundation stands in solidarity with all those who have suffered, lost their lives, or been displaced as a result of this ongoing tragedy. We advocate for a comprehensive and inclusive approach that prioritizes the well-being and rights of all individuals affected by the conflict. Only through genuine dialogue, understanding, and respect for international law can we hope to foster lasting peace in the region.