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In Sudan, there are airstrikes targeting hospitals, intense battles, displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, and reports of violence against civilians, including sexual abuse.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation believe it’s crucial to address these issues and work towards a peaceful resolution.

We call for an immediate ceasefire to this war. To raise awareness, advocate for change and reach an immediate ceasefire,  the Europe Peace Foundation proposes the following steps.

We use social media platforms to raise awareness about the situation in Sudan, sharing factual information, news articles, and personal accounts of the crisis. Contact local and international media outlets to report on the ongoing violence and displacement, bringing attention to the urgent need for a ceasefire and peace talks.

Support humanitarian efforts! Be sure to reach out to humanitarian agencies and groups to support their cause.

You can also contact political representatives and international representatives. We can write letters or emails, or schedule meetings with your local political representatives or members of parliament, urging them to use diplomatic channels to advocate for an immediate ceasefire and support peace negotiations in Sudan.

Highlight the urgency of the situation and the need for international intervention to protect civilians.

We can also collaborate with other advocacy groups. We can seek collaboration with other organizations, advocacy groups, or individuals who share your concerns about the situation in Sudan.

These joint efforts can amplify your voice and increase the impact of your advocacy work!

We at the Europe Peace Foundation and similar organizations play a vital role in promoting peace, raising awareness, and supporting humanitarian efforts.

By standing in solidarity and calling for an immediate end to the violence, together, we can contribute to the global efforts aimed at protecting the Sudanese people and finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict.