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Madrid, Spain
Following the latest attacks by Israel on the Jenin refugee camp killing Palestinian civilians there has been an extreme rise in violence.
While Israeli officials claim the raid on the refugee camp came to find a Palestinian terrorist, the raid took many innocent lives including an elderly woman and two children.
The raid destroyed the homes of already displaced people.

The recent death of Palestinians by Israeli forces brings the death toll to almost thirty in January.
There are currently over 50 refugee camps in Palestine, the Palestinian people are the largest group of refugees in the world.
The violent eruption in the West Bank sparked retaliation in Gaza where rockets were fired into Israel.
More recently an attack was made on Israelis outside a synagogue in East Jerusalem which killed 7 Israelis.
These consistent acts of violence are occurring at a constant rate.

The Prime Minister of Israel claims to avoid an escalation of violence but since the attacks, he has revoked the rights to protect Palestinians and passed rulings making it possible for Israeli civilians to access firearms.
Moreover, attacks on Palestinian homes, unlawful arrests, racist attacks, and threats are being made every day.
Even more, fear is being injected into the lives of Palestinians.

While death and tragedy have befallen both Israelis and Palestinians, the occupied force is Israel and those living under occupation are Palestinians.
The expansion of illegal settlements by Israel has destroyed homes and ignited violence.
The U.S secretary of state arrives in the region soon. We hope it comes with a plan of peaceful intervention.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation hope and call for an immediate end to the violence.
We call on international leadership to mediate the issue in favor of humanitarian rights.