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Madrid Spain
The US has led an airstrike on Syria in retaliation for what it claims was a drone strike attack on the United States that killed one contractor and injured give US troops.
The air strike launched on Syria comes as Syria is in a high state of emergency.
The Syrian people have suffered in a brutal civil war for over ten years. It has left the country in an emergency with nearly thirteen million people displaced.
Since the start of the war, the Syrian regime has killed over 300,000 people- over 30,000 people being children.
In addition to the massive crisis the Syrian people face, the United States has placed an embargo on the Syrian government in opposition to the Syrian government.
However, the blockades on a government only hurt the people less involved with the government- innocent people.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with the Syrian people in the right to justice and freedom.
We call for an end to economic blockages and military interventions that only increase the suffering of the Syrian people!