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Madrid Spain
The United States is preparing to send more military support to Ukraine.
The 2 billion dollar package includes rockets that can travel 150km. These weapons will have the ability to cross into Russia and reach new battlegrounds.
The recent military package from the United States will also include air defense support.
Since the start of the war, last year in February, the United States has sent 27.2 billion dollars worth of aid to Ukraine.

These reports of planned military support come as Russia begins to advance on more territories in Ukraine.
Moreover, Russias’s president Vladamir Putin has offered a reward to the first soldiers to destroy Western-made military tanks sent to Ukraine.

The war is escalating daily. With more military packages sent to Ukraine, Russia will react aggressively.
The updates on the conflict are always news of more violence and money spent on military budgets.
The rockets sent by the United States can travel the distance from Madrid to Barcelona.
These rockets do not see who they are killing. What homes they are destroying…
More civilians will die and more violence will spur unless there is an effort to end this war.