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Madrid Spain
In Kyiv, European Union officials have joined for a summit to discuss Ukraine joining the EU and continued support.
Last year, days after Russia’s invasion, Ukraine applied to join the EU.
The process can take up to ten years. However, there has been an urgency for Ukraine to join amid the war.
The European Union provides countries with an economic and political union.
Moreover, joining the EU would establish Ukraine as an independent and sovereign state, which could provoke Russia even further.
The summit comes as Russia has begun its most aggressive offensive in retaliation to escalated military support from Ukraine’s allies.
As the war continues, more and more countries are becoming involved.
Most recently, Denmark, which borders Russia purchased army tanks from Germany.
The United States and the European Union confirmed a new military package for Ukraine.
The continuation of military budgets escalates the violence of the war. Without an effort for negotiation, there will be no end to this war soon.