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Madrid Spain

Over 30,000 people have died from the earthquake that struck Turkey.
Over 4,00 people have died from the earthquake in Syria.
The death toll continues to rise as more people are being rescued underneath the rubble.
The destruction and devastation of the disaster are unimaginable.
13 million people have been affected by the earthquake.
Rescue teams are increasing every day.
Teams are donating blood, money, medicine, and supplies.
International aid is increasing with 95 countries offering assistance.
Both Turkey and Syria are war-torn countries. Syria specifically has undergone years of civil war and misery.
The earthquake is an added layer to the dire need for assistance.
Freezing cold temperatures will make the ability to assist more difficult.
Moreover, the earthquake destroyed multiple airports making the sites of destruction even less accessible.
Without a massive humanitarian relief budget the future of these countries is bleak.
The need for restoration and assistance is of the most importance to end this suffering.