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Madrid Spain
The death toll from the recent earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey has risen to almost 5,000 people.
Thousands of buildings were destroyed as a result of the recent devastation.
City infrastructures have crumbled, leaving highways and access to sites in more need neglected.
The search and rescue teams face even more dire challenges as the freezing winter cold temperatures make the work terrible.
Survivors face not only impossibly freezing winter conditions but also no food or water.
Turkey has called for international support.
Already the United States, Russia, and neighboring countries have sent or promised rescue workers, medical supplies, and humanitarian relief.
The earthquake was so intense, neighboring countries like Lebanon and Cyprus felt it.
The country most affected by the earthquake is Syria, a country already in the depths of an 11-year civil war.
Both Turkey and Syria are countries dealing with a human refugee crisis.

This disaster expands on the incredibly crucial need to support the people of these countries and regions.
Moreover, the disaster is heightened as food and supplies are almost double the cost already due to the war in Ukraine which has affected the supply chain of imports into Turkey.
This travesty must receive priority aid from international support.
We see here, in this example of human loss how all the crises are connected. The war in Ukraine, international relief, and wars.
The protection of human life and humanitarian aid must always come first.