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Update on the crisis in Ukraine
Madrid, Spain
The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv has claimed responsibility for an attack in Makiivka, a Russian-occupied city in Donetsk that reportedly killed 63 Russian soldiers.
Ukraine reports said it shot down 39 Iranian drones and cruise missiles. Over the past few days, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russia is planning to expand a campaign of attacks with Iranian drones.
An increased military campaign will increase the death toll and heighten the current damage to energy facilities, causing more power outages.
On New Year’s 2022, Russian drone attacks targeted critical infrastructures in Kyiv and surrounding areas killing at least five people and wounding dozens.
Recent reports on Russia’s plan to increase drone attacks point to no signs of a cease-fire. Unless there is a cease-fire, a call to action from both sides to end the war there will be a continuous increase in human casualties.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. To protect the lives of Russians and Ukrainians