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Lydia Brakchi García

Today is the 393rd day since the war began, and the situation has not improved. Russia attacked Ukraine again on Wednesday 22 March. At least four people are estimated to have died after a Russian attack with about 20 Iranian-made drones in the Ukrainian town of Rzhyshchiv, about 80 kilometers south of Kiev.

The drone struck an educational center. Emergency crews said the attack “partially destroyed” the building where classes were being held and two student dormitories. In addition, the effect of the drone strikes triggered a fire that spread over 300 square meters of the site, which was eventually extinguished.

A total of 21 drones of Iranian origin and manufacture were found in the Bryansk region of Russia. “About 20 deadly Iranian drones, more missiles, numerous bombings (…) and this only in one night of Russian terror against Ukraine,” President Volodymir Zelensky said on his Twitter account.