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In Uganda LGBTQ rights are under severe pressure as a new law is passed that states anyone found to have engaged in same-sex relations can face life imprisonment.
The new bill signed into law by the President also states anyone found to have engaged in sexual relations with someone below or above a certain age can face the death penalty.
Moreover any journalist or activist discovered to have supported same-sex relations or LGBTQ rights can face two decades in prison.

The new law gets even more intense stating that anyone aware of an LGBTQ person must report them. Also, landlords are prohibited from renting to a person who is LGBTQ.

The bill was passed by a large majority, representing the treatment of LGBTQ people in the country.

This bill endangers the lives of innocent people. It is unlawful, abusive, and violent to take away human rights based on a person’s sexuality.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand against homophobia.
We recognize gay rights as human rights.
Without the protection of LGBTQ people in Uganda and across the world there will be no peace.