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Madrid Spain
The recent death of dozens of migrant men from a fire set ablaze in a detention center highlights the ongoing crisis asylum seekers on the US border face.
The migrants who were being held in a detention facility in Ciudad Juarez could not escape the fire to save themselves.
These rights and the rights of the asylum seekers detained or trapped at the US border are not protected.
These men, women, and children who are asking for humanitarian assistance are being treated like criminals.
The physical and psychological abuse that innocent people are subjected to is a form of torture.
Separating a mother and child is criminal.
Treating a child like a criminal in a detention center is abuse.
The US government recently passed new legislation making it even more difficult for migrants to safely pass the border or be treated with dignity.
Accounts of racism and xenophobia are rampant.
In response to the recent murder of the detained asylum seekers caught in the fire, many are protesting and voicing their call to action.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with a call to action to protect their rights.