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Madrid Spain
The Europe Peace Foundation stands to defend the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, displaced people, and migrants across the world.
We recognize the violation of human rights from governments that attempt to expel these people.
We seek to defend their rights.
Refugees and migrants are often invisible in society. Their rights go unnoticed. As a result, there is a danger of human trafficking, abuse, gender based violence and murder.
These people are human beings and we defend their rights to have personal and family lives built in their host country.
It is our mission to secure humanity with the government’s use of immigration detention and we advocate for alternatives to detention.
We call on international communities to recognize that many are escaping poverty, war, and environmental disasters.
Despite their reason for movement, all human beings should be treated with dignity.
The migration of people has been seen all over the world.
In Spain for example asylum seekers were sent back to its borders while hundreds died at sea attempting to reach land.

At the Europe Peace Foundation, we stand with asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants in the protection of their human dignity.