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The ongoing humanitarian crisis at the US border is a complex and urgent issue, with thousands of people attempting to enter the US illegally or seeking asylum.
Factors such as poverty, violence, and political instability in Central America have driven many people to flee their home countries, and the pandemic has worsened the situation. The Biden administration has been working to address both the immediate influx of people at the border and the root causes of migration.

The Biden administration can take a number of steps to address the humanitarian crisis at the US border, including increasing funding for immigration services and infrastructure, expanding legal avenues for immigration, improving conditions for migrants in detention facilities, and working with Central American governments to address the root causes of migration.

The administration could work to develop a comprehensive immigration reform plan that addresses both the immediate needs at the border and the long-term issues related to immigration policy.

We believe that in order for there to be peace and the protection of human rights, actions that are aimed towards sustainable peace must be taken.