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Sudan is plagued by conflict, displacement, food insecurity, and limited access to basic services and is facing a dire humanitarian crisis. The situation has left millions of Sudanese in desperate need of assistance, and urgent action is required to alleviate their suffering.

While addressing the immediate humanitarian needs is crucial, a sustainable and lasting solution to the crisis lies in achieving peace.

The violence, human rights abuses, and atrocities committed during these conflicts have had severe humanitarian consequences.

To address the humanitarian crisis, efforts toward achieving sustainable peace are crucial. This includes engaging in dialogue, negotiation, and mediation to resolve conflicts and bring an end to violence. It requires all parties to lay down their arms and come to the table with a genuine commitment to finding peaceful solutions. The international community can play a vital role in supporting peace initiatives, providing diplomatic efforts, and promoting reconciliation among conflicting parties.

Unless there is a serious effort to find an immediate solution to peace the ongoing crisis will cease to end. We at the Europe Peace Foundation call on peace for an end to this conflict.

We stand with the people of Sudan in the protection of their rights.