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Statement on the Brutal and Racist Treatment of Ukrainians

The recent declaration made by Vladimir Putin, imposing the deportation of Ukrainians who do not accept Russian citizenship, reflects a continuation of the brutal and racist treatment faced by Ukrainians.

The decree, signed on Thursday, April 27, is not only unexpected but also inflicts severe hardships on residents of newly annexed Ukrainian territories.

The Europe Peace Foundation condemns this discriminatory action, which seeks to force Ukrainian citizens to abandon their own nationality and accept Russian citizenship against their will.

Such measures not only violate the fundamental principles of human rights but also demonstrate a disregard for the sovereignty and dignity of the Ukrainian people.

This decree specifically targets those residing in Crimea, annexed in 2014, and the Russian-occupied regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson, annexed by Russia in September 2022.

It is a clear attempt to suppress Ukraine, and an affront to the principles of inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for diversity that should prevail in any civilized society.

The forced deportation of individuals based on their refusal to accept Russian citizenship is not only a violation of their rights but also disrupts the lives of families, communities, and entire regions.

It engenders fear, and instability, and further deepens the divide between the affected populations and the occupying authorities.

The Europe Peace Foundation calls on the international community to denounce these actions and take all necessary steps to ensure the protection of Ukrainians living in the annexed territories.

We urge governments, international organizations, and human rights bodies to exert diplomatic pressure on Russia, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their nationality or ethnic background.

It is crucial that the international community remains vigilant in monitoring the situation in Ukraine and offers support to those affected by these discriminatory policies.

Together, we must stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, working towards a peaceful resolution that respects their rights!