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MADRID SPAIN, October 21, 2022

Russia has recently enacted martial law on annexed territories in Ukraine.

The increased military control puts civilian life under intensified repression. 

Russia is illegally claiming regions of Ukraine. 

The situation only increases violence, resistance and warfare. 

Ukrainian civilians are living under total military control and even face the possibility of being drafted by the Russian military. 

The United States has pledged continued support to Ukraine with financial support of weaponry and arms. 

The U.N has decreed Iran responsible for supplying Russia with weapons and will place a sanction on the country, ultimately harming civilian life. 

These acts of violence are only creating more violence. 

Sanctions are acts of violence.

Military campaigns are acts of warfare.

Martial law is a civilian aggression. 

The goal of leadership is to protect people. In order to protect Ukrainians, Russians, Iranians and Americans there must be new acts of leadership that are geared towards peace relations and away from the supply of arms, military occupation and strategic acts of war.

The only way to peace is through acts of peace not acts of violence.