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At the Europe Peace Foundation, we commemorate Nakba, the catastrophic event that occurred in 1948 and continues to cast its long shadow over the lives of Palestinians.

It is through remembrance and acknowledgment of this tragic history that we can work more toward achieving lasting peace, justice, and a brighter future for Palestine.

Nakba, meaning “catastrophe” in Arabic, refers to the displacement, dispossession, and suffering endured by the Palestinian people during the establishment of the State of Israel.

We recognize the immense pain experienced by Palestinian families, who were uprooted from their homes, villages, and ancestral lands.

It is essential to honor the memory of the victims and ensure their stories are told.

Remembering Nakba is a vital step towards healing, reconciliation, and justice.

The Europe Peace Foundation firmly believes that lasting peace for Palestine can be achieved through multiple steps. 1. We call for an immediate ceasefire. Only through peaceful means can a sustainable and just resolution be achieved. 2. We advocate for an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories and  the establishment of an independent, viable, and contiguous Palestinian state is crucial for lasting peace in the region. 3. We support efforts to address the injustices suffered by Palestinian families who have lost loved ones and endured immense hardship. 4. We encourage all international committees to engage in meaningful and inclusive dialogue, guided by the principles of equality, respect, and mutual understanding.  We urge the international community to increase its efforts to facilitate a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Diplomatic initiatives, economic assistance, and humanitarian aid should be provided to promote stability, development, and dignified life for all.

Remembering Nakba and the profound injustices faced by Palestinians, we can raise awareness and mobilize support for a peaceful and just resolution.

The Europe Peace Foundation stands in solidarity with those who strive for a future where Palestinians and Israelis can coexist in peace, security, and prosperity.

The Europe Peace Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives and advocating for a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Let us work towards a future where justice prevails!