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Press release:

Rabat, Morocco Friday, January 20, 2023 – Many People in Rabat participated in a peace rally in support of Global Peace 2030.

In the rally people were seen bearing various slogans such as “Stop War, Morocco supports Global Peace 2030¨, “End ethnic, religious, and political violence” amongst others.

Students, women, men of all ages who formed part of The Rally unanimously felt hope for permanent peace in the Kingdom of Morocco by ending all types of violence and conflict throughout the country.

They expressed their support to Mr. Sappan KC´s Global Peace 2030 agenda and voiced that Peace is possible in Morocco with Mr. KC.

“GLOBAL PEACE 2030” activist Mr. KC is urges the Morocco government, all parties and conflict groups to join the Global Peace 2030 agenda and make one peaceful country in The world.

“GLOBAL PEACE 2030” project is initiated by Mr. Sappan KC who is working worldwide to archive the Peace target by 2030. Mr. KC´s aim is to bring the world Peace by 2030 by approaching worldwide political governing leaders, Ethnic religious and Political leaders, dissidents, armed groups and International organizations to Sign the “GLOBAL PEACE 2030” agreement.

Peace rallies are being planned in many countries around world to support Mr. Sappan KC’s “GLOBAL PEACE 2030” agenda.


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