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We at the Europe Peace Foundation express concern over the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the recent efforts by the Ukrainian President to build stronger international alliances in hopes of gaining more military support.

As an organization dedicated to peace, we strongly believe that international alliances should be focused on peace negotiations and conflict resolution to protect civilians and promote lasting peace.

The protection of all civilians affected by the conflict is of utmost importance to us. We acknowledge the devastating impact that armed conflicts have on the lives and well-being of innocent people, who often find themselves caught in the midst of violence and instability.

The Europe Peace Foundation firmly believes that the pursuit of peace should be the central objective of international alliances.

We advocate for a comprehensive approach that emphasizes peaceful negotiations, dialogue, and diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts.

By prioritizing peace negotiations and conflict resolution, we can foster an environment where all parties are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue, guided by the principles of non-violence, respect, and mutual understanding.

This approach promotes sustainable solutions that address the root causes of conflicts, rather than perpetuating a cycle of violence.

We urge the Ukrainian President and all involved parties to explore peaceful avenues for resolving the ongoing conflict.

By engaging in constructive dialogue, we can work towards finding mutually acceptable solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of all parties involved.

We encourage the international community to lend its support in facilitating peaceful negotiations and providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict.

We extend our gratitude for the dedication and efforts in pursuing peaceful alliances and conflict resolution by those around the world.

The Europe Peace Foundation remains committed to supporting initiatives that protect civilians and promote lasting peace.