• Calle de la Oca 63, Pasillo, Local 3
Madrid, February 23, 2017. Today a meeting was held at the Embassy of Palestine in Madrid between the honorable Ambassador of Palestine in Madrid, his Excellency Musa Amer Odeh and Europe Peace Foundation´s President Sappan KC, Hum Bdr.
The conversations between both personalities focused on today´s Palestine main events and the Middle East peace. President KC stated his support to Palestine´s people, discussed the refugees´ situation and offered his advocacy in future peace endeavors and health issues affecting Palestinians.
On the same token he submitted a letter addressed to the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Hon. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas. In the letter Mr. KC stated his concerns about these important issues and requested also an official meeting with the President of Palestine for the next coming months.
President KC recalled how the past peace efforts were aborted by both sides lack of commitment in maintaining the agreements. He also commented how the day by day situation in both states has been worsening, thus human rights and democratic values have been consistently violated. President KC stated that this situation is unacceptable and must end.
Both President KC and his Excellency Ambassador Odeh agreed upon the idea that the Palestine and Israel conflict is not only a matter of a region, but also a matter of the entire international community and the Middle East peace can be resolved only through diplomatic efforts.
Lastly, President KC reaffirmed his support for the peaceful and long-lasting resolution of the conflict and his tireless commitment to advance human rights, democracy values as well as the improvement of the health sector in Palestine.
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