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President KC meet with Ambassador of South Korea

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Madrid, April 17, 2017. Today a meeting was held at the Embassy of the Republic of South Korea in Madrid between the Ambassador of South Korea His Excellency Mr. Park Hee-Kwon and the Europe Peace Foundation´s President Sappan KC, Hum Bdr.
The conversation between both personalities focused on today´s Korean Peninsula crisis and the threats to the region´s security and its repercussion on the entire world. President KC discussed internal and external obstacles to achieve peace and security in Korea, commented about the sources of the conflict between North and South Korea as well as the potential humanitarian crisis in the event of a military confrontation.  
On the same token President KC submitted a letter addressed to the President of South Korea, Honorable Hwang Kyo-ahn. In the letter, Mr. KC stated his concerns about the current troops deployment in the Peninsula, North Korea´s regime aggressive approach and the alarming situation regarding human rights violations especially in the infamous prisoners’ camps, the dehumanized persecution of dissidents and refugees of the regime.  
President KC acknowledged the essential role that South Korea plays in the current scenario and encouraged utilization of the diplomatic means, serious peace efforts and more effective tactics to deescalate North Korea´s venturesome nuclear program and dismantle the nuclear tests that suffocate peace and security of both nations..  
President KC highlighted the Europe Peace Foundation´s mission of preserving peace and stated its willingness to participate in any organized diplomatic and peace initiatives to achieve and sustain stability in the area.
In conclusion, President KC expressed his tireless commitment to advance human rights, democracy values and peace and distention in the area.
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