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For Immediate Release
Madrid, March 6th, 2017. Today a meeting was held at the Embassy of Libya in Madrid between the Ambassador of Libya in Madrid, His Excellency Mohamed Alfaqeeh Saleh and Europe Peace Foundation´s President Sappan KC, Hum Bdr.
The conversation between both personalities focused on today´s Libya´s main events. President KC stated his support to Libya´s people, discussed internal and external obstacles to achieve peace and security, commented about refugees´ situation and offered his advocacy in future peace endeavors and health issues affecting the people of Libya.
On the same token President KC submitted a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Libya, Hon. Mr. Fayez al-Sarraj. In the letter Mr. KC stated his concerns about these important issues and proposed an official meeting with the Prime Minister of Libya for the next coming months.
President KC mentioned Libyan´s government peace efforts and the volatile stability of the state.  He also commented how the country´s socio-economic achievements have been harmed by war, violence and the rampant growth of gun culture.
Another topic discussed was the arbitrary massive detentions, prisoners living conditions and the emigration exodus. President KC asseverated that this situation is unacceptable and must end.
During the encounter President KC highlighted Libya´s humanitarian crisis in regard of healthcare, sanitation and access to potable water and explained how Europe Peace Foundation´s mission will address this situation.
Both President KC and his Excellency Ambassador Saleh agreed upon the idea that Libya needs the collaboration of the international community to achieve peace and stability.  
Lastly, President KC expressed his tireless commitment to advance human rights, democracy values as well as the reconstruction of the country and improvement of the health sector in Libya.
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