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Palestinians continue to face extreme violence, abuse, terror, racism, and, aggression on a daily basis.
The attacks made by settlers go without consequence or repercussions.
The attackers are protected by the Israeli Army.

Yesterday 5 members of a family were attacked after leaving a supermarket.

All 5 of the family members required medical treatment.
The victims included an elderly man and a toddler.

Human Rights Groups in Israel reported that the soldiers were present but did not stop the attack.

The attackers will continue as long as they feel they can get away with it, which they so far have been able to.
The recent attacks come after hundreds of settlers stormed a Palestinian village, burning homes, cars, and farmland and inciting a level of terror that will cause even more trauma to the Palestinians.

The settlers live in illegal settlements. About 700,000 Israeli settlers are living in hundreds of illegal settlements in the West Bank.
These settlements are protected by the Israeli military while Palestinians are under constant attacks.
The violence is escalating every day- there are on average 3 attacks made on Palestinians.
2022 was the deadliest year, 170 Palestinians were killed.
In 2023 over 50 Palestinians have been killed, 30 of them being children.

The conflict has taken the lives of Palestinians and Israelis.

There must be international intervention and an immediate ceasefire by the Israeli military which outnumbers the Palestinian people.
We call on the recognition of Palestinian sovereignty. We call on the protection of Palestinian people to live freely without danger.
We call for peace in and from Israeli. We call for peace for the Palestinians.