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The Europe Peace Foundation acknowledges the ongoing efforts of the people of Moldova who are advocating for their country to join the European Union. We recognize that thousands of individuals are joining together in peaceful protests, driven by the belief that EU membership can bring about economic growth and prosperity for their nation.

However, we are concerned by reports of anti-EU protests, which indicate a divergence of opinion within the country. It is crucial to recognize that these differences in perspective may arise due to various factors, including the influence of external actors, such as Russia, which has been known to exert its influence to discourage countries from pursuing closer ties with the European Union.

While political conflicts and divergent viewpoints are natural in any democratic society, it is essential to prevent these interactions from escalating into violence. The Europe Peace Foundation firmly stands for a commitment to justice, peace, and the principles of respect and dignity for all individuals involved in protests or any form of political expression.

We encourage all parties to engage in peaceful dialogue, promoting understanding, and seeking common ground. It is through constructive conversations and respectful engagement that sustainable solutions can be found. The Europe Peace Foundation reiterates the importance of upholding the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression as fundamental pillars of democracy.

We call upon all stakeholders involved to prioritize peaceful means of conflict resolution, understanding the potential risks associated with political tensions and the need to maintain stability within the country. We remain committed to supporting efforts that foster dialogue, promote reconciliation, and advance the principles of peace, justice, and democracy.

The Europe Peace Foundation encourages all parties to approach these discussions with an open mind, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and seeking common ground for the betterment of Moldova and its people.