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Dangerous protests are ongoing in Iran in the name of women’s rights. Iranians are protesting for the freedom and equality of women under the current government.

Iran has no law on domestic violence or to protect survivors.

Since the start of the protests in September 2022, hundreds have been imprisoned and subjected to unfair trials and executions.

A report by human rights groups says 341 protestors, including 52 children have been killed.

5,000 protesters have been arrested and thousands detained of in overcrowded prisons without rights.

The detained include human rights defenders, activists, journalists, and lawyers,

Many are arrested for peaceful dissent or support of the protests.

The authorities also confiscated passports and placed travel bans on Human rights reports that have previously documented the use of torture and mistreatment in detention, including sexual harassment against detainees.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation believe that without a fair judicial system, there can be no peace.

The right to a fair trial is a human right.