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The ongoing humanitarian violations in Iran are deeply concerning, as government officials continue to abuse their people.

Reports of human rights abuses including arbitrary arrests, torture, censorship, and repression of freedom of expression and assembly have been widespread.

The Iranian government has been suppressing dissent, targeting activists, journalists, and minorities, resulting in gross violations of basic human rights. These violations are not only a breach of international human rights standards but also a betrayal of the Iranian people who deserve to live in dignity and freedom. It is imperative that the Iranian government takes immediate and concrete steps to halt these violations, ensure accountability for those responsible, and uphold the fundamental rights of its citizens.

The international community must also condemn these abuses and work towards holding Iranian officials accountable for their actions and supporting efforts to promote human rights and democracy in Iran.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand for justice and equality.

We call on the end of human rights abuses by the government.