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October 28, 2022

 Nigeria has experienced disastrous flooding since the summer, killing more than 600 people, leaving over 1 million displaced and hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed. 

Whole families drowning, towns submerged in water and makeshift living conditions have been reported across the country.

In Nigeria, 2.5 million people are already in need of humanitarian assistance with over half being children. 

With the flooding crisis that continues, Nigeria faces a worsened situation of waterborne diseases, malnutrition, and cholera. 

The rise in temperatures has increased rainfall in the country. Environmentalists also point to a failed infrastructure as a cause. 

With the COP27 summit approaching, the issue of funding for countries to build new systems that protect against climate change is important. 

Without an understanding of the urgency to make systemic changes that reduce emissions, Nigeria and other countries will face continued consequences. 

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand in the fight for environmental health to achieve global health.