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Happy New Year 2019 !

As we end 2018 across the world with celebrations and hope for a better future.

Every new year brings new and fresh opportunities but simultaneously throw new and stronger challenges in our way. Conflicts get deeper and new threats never cease to spring out of nowhere. Violence, discrimination and inequality are all on the rise, resulting in loss of lives.

¨Prevention is the best cure¨is often and aptly stated. If only the right resources and funds had been used adequately and on time, it would have certainly prevented hundreds of thousands of lives from disappearing from the planet, due to war and poverty, natural disasters and illnesses.

On behalf of the Europe Peace Foundation, I would like to wish more peace, health, freedom and democracy to everyone, around the world. A year without war. A year without misery for the weak. A year without injustice and inequality. A year of peace and happiness. Let’s make 2019 the best year yet..


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Monday 31 December 2018.