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new restrictions places on Palestinians

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Recently Israeli rules on access to the West Bank threaten to further isolate Palestinians from loved ones, society, and the world.

The guidelines were set into motion December 2022 and set out  procedures for West Bank entry and residency for foreigners. This process does not apply to entry to Israel.

It has never been easy for foreigners to teach, study, volunteer, work, or live in the West Bank.

Before these new restrictions, a visit to the West Bank was often with a normal Israeli tourist visa. However it did not allow foreigners to teach, study, volunteer, work, or live in the West Bank.

For this reason, Israeli authorities often deny normal Israeli entry visas, as well as others who might be pro-Palestinian.

A permit is the only option for many seeking to spend time on the West Bank and it is not easy to obtain. It is designated for close relatives or academics for example who are applying from abroad.

This action isolates Palestinians from safety, information, and healthcare as well as intellectual, political, and social outlets.

Immobility is just one of the many human rights violations enforced on Palestinians. We stand with Palestinians and their families in the protection of their rights.

Their rights to freedom of movement, information, and cultural relationships.