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Madrid Spain
In India practicing Muslims are facing increased violence and persecution as a minority religion.
The country is majority Hindu and recently a Hindu nationalist sentiment has grown throughout the country creating more impunity.
Just recently a Muslim school was attacked and burned by a mob of over 1,000 men.
The attack on the school signified a brutal reality of violence in a religious community.
The school was said to be an important place in the community to study, meet and worship. Moreover, the school was housing important documents, scriptures, and unique books of literature, mathematics, and philosophy.
This attack is an attack on a religion and religious worshipers.
If what happened in the burning of the school is not a sign of caution and a sign of alarm then these types of acts will only get worse.
There must be an immediate call for peace to protect the lives of Muslims in India.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand for religious freedom.
Without a society that respects and protects religion, there will be no peace.