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Madrid Spain
Military intervention in the war with Ukraine and Russia continues as Germany commits to sending army tanks to support Ukraine.
Germany has also promised more military support in the future.
This military support for Ukraine from Germany is in addition to support from the United States, Franke, and the UK.
Slovakia has also promised support for Ukraine in the form of military aid.
This comes during continuous fighting and aggressive occupation by Russian forces.
Ukraine is in dire need of support and protection.
Providing the country with military tanks is counter-offensive to Russia. Unfortunately, it will destroy more lives.
The international military support provided to Ukraine provokes Russia to react fiercely.
Russia, Ukraine, and the countries that continue to enter the conflict will lose lives.
Soldiers, civilians, cities, economies, and livelihoods will continue to be destroyed as more violence induces in the war.
We at the European Peace Foundation support the protection of lives and homes.
We ask that as much or more economic support given to military budgets is also given to humanitarian efforts.