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Madrid Spain
Over 300 migrants from Central America were found in a freight truck in Mexico, en route to the United States.
100 of the migrants were children. Some were undocumented.
The migrants were being smuggled to the United States.
The conditions of the truck were extremely dangerous.

Last June more than 50 people died after they were abandoned in the scorching heat.
In 2021, over 50 people died when a truck flipped.

Last year there were 2,378,944 people documented trying to cross the US border.

The Biden administration has passed new legislation that makes the application process more specific as to who can enter the United States with a specific visa.

No matter the system or application, the lives of migrants must be protected concerning human rights and asylum seekers.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with the rights of asylum seekers, migrants, refugees, and all humans.