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Madrid Spain
In the past few days, news of a freight truck being discovered with hundreds of asylum seekers including children in Mexico was reported.
This recent incident is an example of the danger and life-threatening situations migrants face to get to the US border from Latin American countries.

This recent news comes as title 42 which was enacted by the Trump Administration soon expires and many are anticipating the next actions by the Biden Administration.
Many reports believe that new actions will be taken to detain asylum seekers who reach the US border.

In recent months the Biden Administration has passed legislation that creates new protocols for asylum seekers to enter the US and others are denied entry.

The priority above all must be for the asylum seekers to receive humanity.
This includes medical treatment, housing, and protection.

The current situation and treatment of migrants on the US border is far from humane and conditions in the past were worse.
Under the recent administration in the US, asylum seekers were treated less than humans- children were separated from their mothers.
There must be a protocol to protect the lives of asylum seekers who are human beings in need of assistance.
The abuse and negligence of the US leadership are perpetuating violence, racism, and poverty by disregarding human rights