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Madrid Spain
United States President Biden met with Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador for a three-day summit.
One of the topics of concern and conversation was the migrant crisis at the United States border with Mexico.
This comes days after the Biden administration passed new legislation that enacts a strict procedure of requirements for anyone entering the United States from Mexico.
Anyone who fails to comply with the requirements is sent back to Mexico. This includes migrants who have traveled from countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti.
What happens to these individuals when they are sent back to Mexico if not allowed entry to the United States?
Without a humane policy that considers the circumstances of these individuals this policy only provokes more violence and suffering.
Essentially these migrants are being forced into even more perilous conditions. What does this policy mean for Mexicans living on the border who are left without any support to integrate migrants into their communities?
If only the policy recognized that the communities receiving these migrants would benefit from humane integration.
For example in Colombia, Venezuelan migrants are being received on the border and offered programs like health care.
Social systems and immigration policies should first and foremost respect humans instead, they violate human their rights by forcing them into more dangerous living situations.
There can be no future of peace without clear protection of human life within every policy, law, and legislation enacted by governments.