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Hundreds of school girls in Tehran have been poisoned by toxic chemicals in 58 schools in the past months.
The outrage led by parents, communities, and families has been met with violence by police officers.
Iran is a country where the rights of women are abused.
These attacks are deliberate.
There is an effort to shut down the schools where young girls attend, many religious fundamentalists oppose the education of young women.
In the past months following the murder of a young Iranian woman in the custody of the police, Masha Amini.
Many protests and a movement of resistance have emerged through the action of brave young women and men.
But again these protests are met with police brutality.
Many arrests have been made without a trial.
There have been hundreds of killings including of children.
There have been executions of protestors.
The reaction of the authorities and disregard by leadership makes it hard to believe there will be a peaceful resolution.
There must be a call to action to protect the lives of young girls, and women and the basic human rights of all Iranians.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand in solidarity with the peaceful resolution to this horrible injustice.