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Peace in Ukraine

This past February 2022 another disastrous conflict sparked between Ukraine and Russia. Thousands of civilians have been killed and thousands more injured. The consistent violence has destroyed homes, cities, and environments causing hundreds of thousands to flee. Over 5 million people have been displaced creating a refugee crisis surpassing the number of refugees in World War II. In order to end this disaster we must look towards peace negotiations.

Soldiers from both sides are losing their lives in the fighting. The psychological effects and the repercussions of war create hostility, economic instability and political turmoil. Unless there is an effort to find peace, this violence will go on for generations.

Economic sanctions and lack of human resources place many in critical danger. The international budgets to import and export arms must be reassessed and focused on feeding families in Ukraine and Russia. We must stand together with all those who are suffering.

There have been efforts to host talks between Russia and Ukraine but it is not enough. In order to end this misery and achieve stability and security, we must strengthen communication. Without new efforts aimed at advocacy and support from a global community the violence between Ukraine and Russia will cease to end. To end the loss of lives the European Peace Foundation calls for dialogue between both sides of the conflict. To find long-lasting resolutions, strategies of peaceful negotiations are essential for the restoration of democracy.

The mission of the European Peace Foundation (EPF) aims to provide and support a global network that rejects warfare and promotes peace processes that protect human life. As part of our 2030 Global Peace Plan, the EPF set a series of goals. One goal is to end the sale of arms. A ceasefire negotiation is the first step solution in the peace process for Ukraine and Russia. If we end the flow of illicit arms we can then strengthen the participation of developing countries in the institutions of global governance.

We have the opportunity to stand for peace and see a world without warfare if we come together.

If we recognize and respect the international laws created to protect the dignity of human life we could provide peace and protection to Ukrainians and Russians. By following a peace process to ensure the stability of a nation’s security, we, as a global community, are setting in motion actions that will allow for Global Peace.