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We at the Europe Peace Foundation believe that in order to promote a more peaceful society we must rethink gun regulations. We must change the way guns are owned in societies.

What are some ways we can achieve this?

Strict gun control regulations: This has been proven to be an effective means of promoting public safety and fostering a more peaceful society.
By implementing measures such as 1. background checks, 2. licensing requirements, and 3. waiting periods, it becomes more challenging for individuals with bad intentions to acquire firearms.

Also by limiting the availability of firearms in the hands of criminals and those who may pose a risk to themselves or others, gun control measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of mass shootings, acts of terrorism, and other forms of gun violence that threaten public safety.

By preventing tragic accidents caused by the misuse or mishandling of firearms, appropriate gun control measures can also address the relationship between mental health and gun violence. By requiring mental health evaluations and identifying individuals who may require support and intervention, we can reduce gun-related tragedies.

Many countries across the world have successfully implemented concrete gun control measures, which have led to a reduction in gun-related violence.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation believe that by adopting similar measures, communities can work towards creating an environment where citizens can live in peace.