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Economic recovery and the lasting well-being of the population of a country are not matters that were possible without establishing lasting peace. The United Nations Program for Human Development (UNDP) considers health as a measurable factor, and peace as a qualitative factor for human development, which became absent in Syria since the beginning of the war in 2011. The discomfort caused by the internal war was subsequently worsened by the presence of foreign armies and the appearance of terrorist organizations. The tragedy in Syria does not only consist in the destruction of the vital infrastructures of the country, but also in the collapse of human development indicators, such as health and education.

World Health Organization (WHO in its acronym in English) considers as tragic the health situation in that Middle Eastern country, even after seven years since the beginning of the war. In 2018 there were 67 cases of attacks on health centers where more than 50% of the infrastructures of the country are in a situation of destruction. The health system in Syria is devastated and a great effort is needed for its recovery. The international organizations and different NGOs have the objective of serving the needy people of Syria in these turbulent times. In spite of the fact that without establishing a lasting peace, the end of humanitarian tragedy is impossible, but it is essential to continue with the integral plans in order to avoid a major disaster.

We, at the Europa Paz Foundation (EPF), are committed to the Millennium Development Goals and other frameworks presented by the UN. Your collaboration with the EPF helps us to take one more step to prevail the challenges and problems in the countries in conflict, and in this case Syria.

We look forward to your collaboration.