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Madrid Spain
Access to information and free speech is controlled in societies creating censorship issues.
Controlling information and manipulating media is a way to repress society. These techniques often direct individuals to violence and create hostile environments of ignorance.
Governments or leaders essentially control what could be the “truth” to keep political, economic, social, or cultural power.
For example, just this past week in Burkina Faso, two French journalists who were living and working in the country were expelled from the country.
Reports claim both journalists were given 24 hours to leave the country without any explanation.
Many believe that the reason for their expulsion was due to a surveillance video showing police officers standing over the bodies of children.
Journalists in the end risk their lives to communicate the truth and often it exposes a cruel political situation.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand in solidarity with the journalists who are fighting to support the truth and freedom of expression!