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Since 2020 the people of Ethiopia have been in a humanitarian crisis.

20 million people need assistance, and 5.2 of those people are in the northern Tigray region of the country.

The Tigray region has been under a blockade for years now with barely any access to medical care. A reported 3 percent of healthcare facilities are functioning.

The blockade has also made it nearly impossible for journalists or human rights advocacy groups to access the region.

The crisis has gotten little attention on a global scale.

The conflict originated from the 2020 elections that took place in the country which sparked a regional military power struggle.

Now 2 years later despite ongoing human massacres, sexual violence, and starvation the world has paid little to no attention.

While the issue in Ethiopia is among many happening in the world, it is one of the most catastrophic.

Moreover, unless all human crises are recognized there will be no real global peace.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation believe that without a full scope of the humanitarian crisis, there can be no longevity for peace.