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The mortality curve for coronavirus in the Community of Madrid represents 55% of the total deaths from Covid-19 in Spain. If we continue like this, we could even overcome the region of Lombardy or Wuhan.

The coronavirus outbreak has more than 372,000 infected people worldwide and more than 16,300 people dead. More than 180 countries have confirmed cases so far and in Europe, two countries in the lead, Italy, where infections have decreased slightly for the second day, and Spain, where the curve continues to grow.

Deaths from coronavirus in Madrid goes +1.000, this figure was reach in less than two weeks, while in the cities where the outbreak began, it has taken more than a month to reach 2000. Madrid has become the region where the virus has progressed the fastest.

Coronavirus mortality has doubled in the past week. The number of daily deaths from coronavirus in Madrid is 200 a day.

Madrid is the Autonomous Community that registers the most cases of contagion by coronavirus. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, in Madrid on March 23 there were 10,575 infected and 1,263 deaths from COVID-19. An increase compared to the situation in Lombardy shows that if this trend continues, Madrid could even exceed the Italian region, which a few days ago overtook Wuhan, the Chinese region where the coronavirus outbreak arose.

Mortality in the Community of Madrid represents 55% of the total deaths from coronavirus in Spain, well above the second Autonomous Community with the most deaths, Catalonia represents just over 10% of the total. It is followed by Castilla-La Mancha, one of the Autonomous Communities that has experienced the most increases in cases and deaths in recent days, but even so, deaths in the La Mancha region only represent 6% of total mortality in Spain from coronavirus.